Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Winding Down the Year

It seems only yesterday that I was blogging about winding down the year but a year has passed since I last blogged on that one.
Now here we are with only fifteen more school days left in our year.
Of the fifteen days I have thirteen working days with my students,
three of those will be end of year testing the last week,
two days next week of online testing while a sub will keep my darlin's since I am the Help Desk Coordinator (what a joke) ,
which really only leaves ten more days of actual teaching time.

I am firing the last of the clay whistles my students made these past couple of weeks and
encouraging my students to complete projects they started that they did not finish earlier in the year.

Winding down, excitement building!

Now I am searching for fun meaningful projects to round off the year that can be finished in ten days.
The last week I ALWAYS do the M&M drawings for my test and give them three full class periods to complete it (and if they know what is good for them they should use every minute of it. It takes time to create a masterpiece).

I must post some pictures of the M&Ms that my students do. They love doing the projects because they think drawing circles is easy and actually it is not really difficult to draw the candy itself but the bag has to be included and it is crinkled and wrinkled not really a rectangle and requires a close examination for details. Those who are seniors and are completing the M&M drawing for the third or fourth year have it figured out and do a really nice job. In fact, I have seen at least one in Caleb's frame shop to be framed. That always makes me happy.

When I think back over the past year with my students I can remember a number of paintings, drawings and good artwork that I hope parents will appreciate enough to have framed, not just because my son will profit but because it is so good for our children when we value their work.

Like the majority of teachers I am ready for the break.
I think maybe teachers are more excited than the kids could ever imagine.
In fact as excited as the kids are to be out of school, teachers ARE more excited.


  1. ok. so what medium do you use for the m&m's? anything they want? or is it specific?

    i've never thought of doing an m&m bag with candies. how cool.

  2. Generally, we use colored pencil on a small paper, keeping the drawing less than a 5 x 7 for times sake. But we also, offer the students a choice of doing it in color or just a value study in pencil. They have to draw the snack size bag of M&Ms scaled up at least 2x's, torn open with candy spilling out and the bag has to run off the sides of the paper, and have a clear focal point off-center using the rule of thirds.

  3. That all sounds like Greek to me; maybe I need lessons!
    I'll bet it's fun - we just use M&Ms for fractions and graphing - and eating!!

  4. That all sounds like Greek to me; maybe I need lessons!
    I'll bet it's fun - we just use M&Ms for fractions and graphing - and eating!!