Friday, March 9, 2007

Spring Break!

It finally is here and not a minute too soon! Spring Break!

While all my students dream of rushing to the coast and partying hard my dream is to stay here and get things done. I have set a number of goals for myself and I am sure as always that I have more goals than I have time or energy but it does not stop me from setting myself some pretty hefty goals.

The things I want to do and not necessarily in the order of priorities is:
  • to get the shop website nearer completion, (check it out-we have been working nightly now)
  • start a new painting of grandchildren,
  • see grandchildren,
  • clean house,
  • prepare for a garage sale taking place on March 24th, I think
  • weed the flowerbeds
  • and walk/jog daily.
Now, that's a spring break!

And in my spare time, watch movies, eat popcorn candy and visit with friends and family.


  1. Wow - you do have plans!! I've had a nice, long break myself, but am still looking forward to having Andy home with me and Dana coming to visit! It's all downhill from here, girl!!

    Have fun!

  2. Hi Darla! I sure wish you were coming here for spring break again! :( I miss ya terribly!