Friday, September 28, 2007


Have you listened to the language of our children lately.

I need a text message dictionary to decipher the code of my newest more hip students. (Do you say hip still or is the word preppy?)

In my classroom I hand out instructions...

Jose kindly says, "TY"

I say, "these are the instructions on the project we will begin as soon as possible."

Jose, "ASAP?"

"Yes," I answer.

Hands to his surprised face, "OMG."
This dialog continues but is interrupted by the bell ringing.

As class ended he walks out the door calling back to me, "TTYL. SPST."

Just a slight jump from the generation that started it all with DVDs, VCRs, Wii, PS, PCs, HD, IPods, ADHD, OC, AR, ....................................



(TTYL=Talk to you later
SPST=Same place, same time
SIG2R=Sorry, I got to run
SUL= See you later
YRYOCC=You're running your own cuckoo clock!
SICNR=Sorry, I could not resist!)

What a vocabulary!!!!
I hope they do well on their TAKS, SATs and ACTs!


  1. well I learned some new things. :) one thing about technology, it seems to make the kids think they dont need to actually talk. just abbreviate everything. weird and stupid if you ask me. :)

  2. The kids have gotten so good at text messaging that they can do it from their pockets without even taking out the phones!

    Oh and UGTBK?
    You've got to be kidding!

  3. ok some of those are way new to me too! i text ...A LOT... but i have t9 and the words come up pretty easily so i canwrite the WORDS just as quickly as i can abbreviate. have you seen the cellular comercial where the granny is talking in letters? cute!

  4. oh yeah, OMG (goodness) your kitchen is looking really cool! gotta come see it some tme