Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Womans Club and Lounging Pajamas

Let's see? Is it too soon to start counting the days until school is out?

I took off for half a day today because Caleb and I had a presentation to make to the Woman's Club....like I have something to say? Well, it worked out well and it was really good PR for Caleb's business and it was an ego trip for me. The group of women was a very sweet, very receptive and very gracious group of women.

I wonder how I get myself into things like this when I am preparing myself to present. Last July while I was in North Carolina visiting my sister I got a call asking me to speak to the club. I could not imagine what they would want with me but when she suggested that I do a presentation with Caleb I accepted. Well, actually, I don't think I ever actually accepted. I just sort of did not decline. There is a difference! And I guess every time I stand in front of women and talk I grow in some sort of way. It helps to build confidence. I listened as one of the women led the group and she was so at ease with speaking to the women. She did not stammer or do the "ah-h-h"s to fill in the gaps. That is an important part of public speaking you know. You can not fill in the blanks with "ah" or else you start to lose people.

When I got home still early, I put on lounging clothes...okay, a big ugly tee shirt and my oversized pajama bottoms. I turned on TCM to an old movie, swept the dust off of the tables, swept the floors, vacuumed the rug, put a chocolate cake in the oven and sang out loud on a whim.

I could get used to this!

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