Friday, July 18, 2008

House to Home

Funny how hard I have worked this summer but loved it. I have cleaned the house, moved out my stuff from our furnished rent house which means more cleaning the house, and reorganized closets, and drawers and cabinets, worked in the heat digging flowerbeds, weeding, watering and whatever else but all was a labor of love. This week I have had to drag myself out of bed, get dressed and be at the school by 7:45, which is actually late for me during the school year, to help administer tests to those who did not pass in the spring but this week it has made me tired and lazy. Now that this work week is over I really feel that I am on vacation.

I have come to be a real home body. I hate to leave home. I love my home. My house is nice but home is wonderful, comfortable, pleasant! I have spent my summer making the space I live in a home, with cooking for the family, grilling outside, cookies in the cookie jar, the half worked puzzle and fussing over all the little things that make it inviting and welcoming to guests. I have worked at adding the little touches that say we love here. The things that take a house, a mere physical dwelling and turn it into a place of comfort, a place you can come in sit down, pull off your shoes and put your feet up and watch an old movie or baseball game (no, not me but the guys do while I work in the kitchen).

Ever see those signs "HOME for sell" and wonder if really they meant "HOUSE for sell"?


  1. For the same reasons, I HATE to pack. I'm moving in a week and have done none of it. The bare walls, stacks of boxes, and chaos just don't feel warm and inviting. It isn't a place to relax and call mine. It is just a warehouse.

    Definitely a BIG difference between a house and a home!

  2. I have always felt welcome and comfortable in your home, but now it does radiate love and contentment.

    YOU radiate a peacefullness and happiness that make your physical beauty seem almost ephereal. I'm so happy for you -