Saturday, November 21, 2009

Little Irritations

Why is it that as soon as you sweep the last little bit of the dirt into the dustpan and dump it in the trash you simultaneously kick the cat bowl and water dish and have a wet, cluttered mush all over the floor? soon as all the underwear are folded and stacked on the table, the last pair of underwear tip the scales and the whole stack tumbles over and unfolds?

...the short trip from sugar bowl to coffee cup ends with the sugar on the floor below.

...the cups on the top shelf of the dishwasher are filled with water when all the other dishes are dry and topple over spilling into the utensils and dishes below as you pull the rack out?

....the bottom sheet pulls loose but the sheets above it are still in place?

But all is well and if the house is not perfect when all the little grandbabies come running in...who will even notice?


  1. Mom,
    Haven't you learned yet to unload the bottom shelf of the dishwasher first? :)

  2. But the top shelf is closer to me! And I am not always sure I want to unload EVERYTHING at one time but end up doing it all. I hate to unload! Loading is great...unloading is work.

  3. Darla - I have had these EXACT same thoughts!! That underwear gets me every time!!

    And there's this one; as soon as you empty the hamper of clean, folded underwear - in goes a pair of dirty ones!!