Thursday, June 10, 2010

Zoo's Crews

Hanging out at the zoo is the coolest!

Good things about the zoo!:
You can scream like a hyena, run like a cougar, and monkey around and no one comes out and tells you to leave.

You can get all hot and stink to the highest heavens and no one knows it is you.
Everyone blames the hippopotamus!

Ice cream at the end of the trip is not is mandatory!

You're never too old for the zoo! Strollers for the little tots and Electric Wheelchairs for the older folks.

The Lookout Tower...carvings on the old bamboo stalks....kissing birds....and nesting in the trees....air conditioned caves....and shade!

Contented kids, the quiet trip home and the power nap at the end of the day.
But most of all....getting to spend time with family!


  1. Hey, mama! That last picture looks familiar, only with different faces. I rememeber a picture of us when we were little at the same spot. It hasn't changed!

  2. Yes, that one spot has not changed but while it stood in it's place all around it has changed tremendously. You will have to go again. It is a great place to go. Lots of new things you have not seen, except the animals. They are pretty much the same. Zebras are striped. Giraffes are tall. And the elephants are huge.