Monday, June 25, 2012

Summer Heat Up

Even in the shade today the temperatures are rising and it is just plain hot!  
I think our temps are getting up into the 100's now and yesterday it was 106 which is how hot it is expected to be today.

I went to Lowe's the other day and purchased misters to hang in the trees where we like to sit in the evening while the kids play outside.  It is supposed to make the temperature seem about 10 or 20 degrees lower.  But so far, no one has volunteered to hang them for me.  I may have to figure it out myself and just do it.  I can just see me hanging from the trees...and stuck!

It could be a new version to the "Help!  I've fallen and can't just up."
It could be, "Help!!  I've climbed up and can't get down!" 

Aside from the heat I have been working on little sundresses for the little girls.  (I say, it is for the little girls but actually, I have seen grown women wearing the same thing for blouses and with the width being at least 42 inches around if you fit it you can wear it. I have not gotten up the nerve to even try it.  I don't want to know if it doesn't fit me.  I can remember when I would have had room to wiggle in it.  Long ago!)
  I have designed the fabric panels for two different pillowcase dresses that are adjustable in size from 2 to 6X or thin women.

Usually a pillowcase dress is made using wide ribbon for straps but   my grand-daughters didn't like the big bows on the tops of their arms because the ribbon tickled them.

Instead I just made straps for them that are not adjustable. (Ran it through the casing and tack it in place once I established the proper width)

 Without the embellishment of the big bows on the top of the shoulders I felt the dresses needed something more.

For Reese who is six I added a silk flower pin.  I disassembled a silk flower from Walmart I had on hand and re-glued the flower pedals to the back of a rhinestone piece and then glued all of it to the back of a  pin back.  It can be removed during washings.

I pinned it to the base of the strap on the upper bodice. 

 Blakely is only two and a little petite girl.  I added a touch of daisy trim I found on her straps and made a ribbon bow glued to a  pin back
and pinned a bow on each side.  Her bows can be removed for laundering.

Look pretty!

Feel cool! 

Fabric Pillowcase Dress Panels are available.  The pattern is printed directly to the fabric so all you do is cut and sew.  Two styles available in my Spoonflower Shop.
Hearts all a Flutter (pinks and minty greens)
Blakely's Pillowcase Dress (Bright yellow, pink and a touch of green)

Hearts All A Flutter fabric collection is available by swatch, fat quarter or yards.

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