Saturday, August 11, 2012

My Carafe Needs a Bib!

It never fails that after the morning coffee I have coffee on the counter and sometimes, dripped down my clean cabinet doors beneath the coffee pot.  All carafes leak.  I can be so careful to pour my coffee but there is that drip that will linger on the edge of the pour spout that finally makes it way to my counter.  Then you get a husband in there who does not care that it drips and you have a coffee puddle.  

My carafe needed a bib! 

So I made one!
Now, I thought all my problems were solved and I was so proud of myself for solving one little problem.  I even made coffee and drank two extra cups in the afternoon just to make sure it would work.

This morning I came in and made the usual pot of coffee and my carafe was wearing it's brand new bib.  I asked my husband if he would like to serve himself a cup of coffee while I watched.  It worked!  He poured his cup without one drip!  

I'm so happy!

Then he asked if he could pour me a cup and with that devilish smirk  he gets he started pouring before he was over my cup!  


Well, it doesn't cure the devil in those men but it did stop the drip from coming off the edge of the pour spout.

I made my bib from a fat quarter and the pattern just fits from corner to corner on printer paper.  
Click on picture then right click to save image to print.
Here is my plan.  
  • Place on fabric putting fold edge on fold.
  • Cut two pieces for front and back.  
  • Put right sides together and stitch around the entire pieces but leaven an opening big enough for turning.  
  • Turn the fabric right side out going through the opening created.
  • Press. Hand stitch or top stitch around the opening.  

Remember that coffee will stain so starting with a color that is already a coffee color made sense to me. 

I think I need another cup of coffee!
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  1. So cute!!! And wouldn't I know you would make one in a leopard print!

  2. I get those same drips no matter how careful I try to pour. I'm going to be making one of these! Excellent idea. pnconverse(at)hotmail(dot)com

  3. such a great idea... we have a coffee maker and the drips drive me nuts... why can't they make a pot that doesn't leak... almost as annoying as teapot spouts that drip... I will be getting my daughter onto making one of these... after all she is the coffee girl...xx

  4. Some problems have no fix!!!! I love the cute bib though.

  5. What a great idea Darla! We always have drips everywhere and I keep drinking more coffee just so I can see if I can better at pouring with no drips! Might have to make one of these!

  6. Excellent idea - I usually use an old teatowel folded lengthwise, but this looks so much nicer!!!