Monday, July 21, 2014

Project Upholster the Settee

Some years ago....ten to be exact, I bought a settee. It is a three piece set, a love seat, a Papa chair (with arms)  and  a Mama chair (no arms).  And I purchased it just as you see it here, no seats, no springs, just bare bones.

Now, if I have said it before, you will recall I was raised to believe I could do long as I have the instructions.  Well, as years go by I think I need to add and have the muscles necessary or know where to find someone with them.

So here goes!  I am on a mission to get it done!  Project Upholster the Settee has begun.

After a little rub with some denatured alcohol I was ready to begin.

Step One:  Sinuous springs hooks.  I thought this was going to be the easy part.  The old wood was like concrete.  But after drilling pilot holes with a tiny drill bit I could screw in the hooks.

Step Two:  Sinuous springs.  I did not EVEN act like I could cut these springs.  I got Mr. Lee to help me with this but once cut to the correct size no problems.

Step Three:  Tie the sinuous springs together.  Oh, easy!  At least, once you got the holes drilled to screw the screws into the side.

So here it is Project Upholster the Settee is underway.
Next we drew out templates of the window panels on the back of the seats and bottom seat cushion to have the foam cut to size.

Off to the upholstery shop to buy more stuff:  Foam, edge rolls, and some roll batting.
I am a newbie at this so I am approaching it gingerly.  I buy what I need for the part I am doing.  It is so overwhelming in the beginning.  But taking it in steps I know I can do this!  Stay tuned!
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  1. Darla - I stumbled upon your blog this morning from Pinterest. I just wanted to say how similar our paths are. I too didn't take fine art in high school, opting instead for photography which seemed "safer". After all, it was the camera taking the photos and I could hide behind that instead of putting my soul out there on paper/canvas. I had my family early. I have three sons all born by the time I was 27. I was always drawing, painting, sewing, knitting, redoing and reclaiming in creative manners. I missed the fact that I did not know what others possibly knew about art. At 34 I went to college and got my BFA (watercolor) with concentrations in illustration/graphic design and theatre scenic art. I worked as an illustrator and scenic artist for a while, illustrated a children's book, and worked as a freelance designer before beginning my teaching career. I started teaching graphic design (public high school) nine years ago. I got my masters in Educational technology. I also still teach and will do so until retiring. Sometimes it's just good to know there are others out there on the same path creatively. I don't blog much anymore. We are so busy with educational initiatives that I've let some of my creative outlets suffer. But, maybe I'll dust off the cobwebs of my blog and revisit some things.

    I have two rescued chairs in my basement waiting for me to fix and upholster them. I too was raised to do anything. We were a very self-reliant tribe. Thanks for inspiring me to get off my duff and get back to feeding my soul with my art. Best wishes to you. Have a Merry Christmas and productive New Year.