Sunday, March 22, 2009

Another Cup of Coffee

Here I sit again with a leisurely cup of coffee and reflect on a great week that has passed. I crammed in only good things this week and the only regret I have is having to deal with heavy traffic although I did alright even with that.
  • The weekend began with a great visit with Leann and Eric while they took refuge under my roof while the rest of their family was on a camp-out.
  • Monday before daylight Linda and I made a day trip to Houston as buyers for the shop and oh, is that ever fun! I'd quit my day job to do that for a fraction of the pay! We are going to have that shop so girl-ed up Caleb will have to hire me. We got bracelets that dangle, bracelets for teachers, bracelets for sisters, bracelets that say I love you, bracelets that have scriptures, bracelets that support our sons overseas, bracelets for our granddaughters and bracelets for the teenagers....just for fun...we got bracelets! We even found a couple of them in Spanish. We found more turquoise, and sterling silver jewelry, we found tiaras and fun bangling necklaces and a few counter top jewelry stands to crowd the counter. OH-HO! How much fun is that?
  • Tuesday and Wednesday again Linda and I got up early before dark and headed to visit our grandmother in east Texas. We sat at her feet and visited with her, drank coffee at her side and laughed with her and with my Uncle Grady and Aunt Patsy. The countryside is beautiful up there. Everything is greening up and even in the early afternoon with the sunlight on the rolling green hills a light fog lay under the tree branches and cows grazed on tender shoots....a very bucolic setting....the sort of thing that inspires artists to paint.
  • Back home on Thursday, I spent my day working in the shop for Caleb while he went to SA with Gaby. So while I was there of course, I rearranged a few items, did inventory of the new purchases we made and got more jewelry on display.
  • Friday was my most lazy day. I spent it grocery shopping, a quick stop in the shop to add a few more touches, cleaned out a couple of closets, did some laundry, drank coffee with the family and then a birthday celebration for Matthew that evening.
  • Saturday I spent almost the entire day in my dad's shop. We cut out the tree for the busy bags to hang on and made a picket fence to go in front of it. It is going to be so cute. Now that it is cut out it needs to be primed and painted and then have it installed. I hope the location we chose will be acceptable to everyone but I know you can not please, everyone all of the time.
  • And somewhere in there I finished my third book of the series of four. And the fourth book is now sitting next to me begging me to pick it up.
So here I am. Happy! With a full week behind me and no regrets of time wasted. What fun!
Tomorrow is back to school for a few more weeks and then it will be summer vacation.
I think I can make it now.


  1. How I wish for your attitude. I get so frazzled when I have things stacked on my to do list. I like the way you think.

  2. I'm glad you have had an enjoyable week!!! your lazy day is equivalent to my busy day!! hope your first day back is good!

  3. Sounds like a great week! Mine was full of babies and daughters, so while I didn't get a lot done, it was great!

  4. Ohhh who is pregnant?! I cant wait to come to the shop and spend some money!!! lol