Saturday, March 14, 2009

The First Cup of Coffee

I am having my first morning cup of coffee on my spring break while I recline in my chair in my snuggly blue pajamas with my cat pawing at my left side, an old movie on television and my laptop in my lap. It is still dark outside and cold and wet (Thank you, God for the rain...even the little bit that it is.) and I have a strong desire to yell for the others to wake up and come join me.

I want to know information!
I want the guys to join me so we can talk about stuff, not that I want to make them breakfast or anything but I want them here to talk to me and tell me the exciting things or the mundane things going on in their lives.

But they sleep!

I am a goal-oriented person...not competitive but quietly a mental list person. My mental list this week during my spring break is to visit my grandmother, go to market in Houston to get upper end jewelry for the shop (and yes, that is turquoise most of it anyway), clean this house, finish reading the third book in a series of four, and work outside in my yard....maybe get to visit Cooper's nursery outside of Floresville. OH! And get my tree cut out of plywood that will be for the busy bags for our congregation's preschool children to use during church services. In order to fulfill some goals I need to sync with a few others and for gardening....warmer weather.

It is amazing how quickly the time will pass if I do not make mental notes of things to do.
I'll read while it is dark, early morning or late night;
clean house in the mornings, and do small tasks on occasion;
and work outside anytime it is warm,(once started could turn into an all day thing).

Now my first cup gone; I need a another. And they are still not up.
It is going to be a great week!

*A note to our Busy Bags committee women: Bags are made, most labels are sewn on to be completed soon, have lots of crayons, stickers sheets, finger puppets, and a few books. Still need more things for the bags like maybe little match box cars and small items (quiet toys please). A small clipboard about 5 x 7 would be great to hold clean paper and colorful pencils. SOON TO BE A REALITY!


  1. Girl - I thought I was going to be ambitious this week but you have me beat! Have a wonderful week!!!

  2. I will look for the small clipboards; been trying to think of what I could contribute!! This is fun!!

    I just hope the week doesn't go TOO fast!

  3. I love being at home now. And even being herre all the time I still never manage toget it all done.

    Have a GREAT week - we'll do the nutra system tomorrow.

  4. Kudos on the "Busy Bag" idea!

  5. Happy Spring Break! Yeah, you really had a lot of items out last night, I wondered what time you would finish! Thanks for your enthusiasm with Kenny, Cristian, and Ale. They enjoyed their time over at the house and I'm sure will continue to beg me, "Can we go over to Caleb's and play?" Enjoy Mt. Pleasant! Blessings, gabriela:)