Monday, August 9, 2010

A Summer to Remember

All summers pass quickly. 
Some summers are hot and dry. 
Some summers are great to catch up on all the reading you missed out during the busy school year.
Some summers are just the space between the end of one school year and the beginning of the next.
But some summers are summers to remember.

This has been my summer to remember.
I started the summer with grandchildren and am ending it with grandchildren.  How exciting.
Evan makes the tenth grandchild!

I have loved every minute of my summer.  I have crammed in all that I can.  No great adventures, no great vacations, in fact, I haven't even traveled at all, since Linda moved nearby.   I have never been bored.  I have worked outside, played outside, visited the zoo twice, the museum once, and entertained grandchildren often, renewed an old interest, and read several books and even driven the tractor. 

It is the last summer that all of my grandchildren fit neatly into that 1-12 age group.
Next year we begin the teen years with Matthew, already eye to eye with me and every time I see him I think he is going to be taller than I am.  Joel is right behind him. 
Little Evan, only three days old, has long legs, big hands and big feet for such a little thing. 

I guess, this is trust.  I'm driving.  He is riding on the front spraying weeds.  Must be love!
If I had set any goals for myself I have forgotten them because the things I did were not the things I thought I would do. 

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