Tuesday, August 10, 2010


Grandchildren are so much fun!
You never know what will be next.

Two year old Pearson has personality popping out all over him and when he is visiting he is my shadow for most of the time.  He wants to race with me from the kitchen to the couch.  He wants me on the floor playing with the Lincoln logs or marbles or pop beads or whatever he is playing with.  He is so loving you just want to squeeze him like the fluffy baby chick at Easter.

This particular morning I had finished breakfast and announced to all the family that I was heading upstairs to take a shower and sure enough here came Pearson.  I settled him down on my bed upstairs, selecting a fun cartoon for his age group and seeing that he was completely enthralled in his program left him on the bed to take my shower.  I figured a quick shower and get dressed and he would be fine so I quickly jumped into the shower.

I was getting pretty lathered when I heard a bump on the glass door. 
Looking down I saw a little nose pressed to the glass and a cute little teasing voice saying,
"I see you!"
So much for modesty!


  1. He is so cute!!
    Do you think he'll remember this when he's as old as us?

  2. Oh!! Bite your tongue!!!
    No, he will not remember this or else he will be scarred for life!

  3. Omyword, that kid is adorable! And I so learned that there is no time that is mine alone when there's grandkids in the house.

    Darla, can you believe this is US with all these amazing little people?