Thursday, March 24, 2011

Touch Ups

Freesia (Watercolor and Pastel)

I have been continuing my challenge to myself to be creative EVERY day.  I think in truth I did miss one day when I was traveling but it was an inspirational day just the same. I came away with books to inspire me and plants to fill my spirit (including a bird of paradise).

Even though everything I painted is not breath-taking, it is a step toward improvement.

I took all my new paintings, new ideas and enthusiasm to school with me on Monday and challenged my students to be more creative, to look at other people's art work for inspiration and to not be complacent with where they are in their stage of development.  As usual, I touched some of the kids, some were only listening with their eyes, some didn't even bother with that. 

 Students often come by and talk and ask questions when my artwork is out on the table. The desire to touch is overwhelming.

Tuesday I was painting at school on the painting here "Freesia". Here I stood pastel in hand adding the final touches and students began to gather.  Two students reached out and began to rub the surface before I could stop them.  Even when I told them that pastels are easily smeared they continued to rub.  Later I looked at the painting and sure enough the pastels were smeared and I had lost some of the edges. 

So now, I am teaching my students to respect other people's artwork by not touching!
So this week my accomplishments were to complete the final touches to "Freesia" and "Beach Play" which I decided needed more color in the background and more moss in the coastline.
Beach Play (Watercolor)

I did spend a couple of days being creative through technology.  I made two buttons (or badges) for my blog and one for Linda's Buzzing and Bumbling blog (which is not visible yet...coming soon).  See my sidebar. I am working on linking one button to my home page and one to my gallery page but have not gotten that figured out.  Time is my challenge this week. 

So until next time.....focus on your creativity.  It only makes you better!


  1. I guess touching is such a basic way to get to know our world. Even as adults we're tempted to touch pretty things! I guess you're lucky they've moved beyond putting it in their mouths! (Bless their hearts!)
    Beautiful work!

  2. I am SO tactile... I never could tell the girls to "not touch!", because my hands were all over everything!!! Your artwork humbles me!!

  3. I am pretty tactile myself. I can not keep my hands to myself sometimes, too. Caleb pointed out to me that when I took my crayon resist to school and had my kids guess the medium, I also, had them touch it. I set myself up for that. But pastels should not be touched!
    Thanks, ladies!