Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Sneak Peek for In Your Words

In Your Word Blog Hop
Jan 7th-16th
Oh, I need to get to work! 
That blog hop I signed up to do is just next week! 
And here I am putting together jigsaw puzzles and watching old movies on TMC,  leisurely taking down the Christmas decor and keeping warm while enjoying my time off! 
Which by the way, I'm not ashamed of not being more productive but it is time for me to start putting my mind to some more creative endeavors.
In Your Words is the blog hop that has me hopping right now!
I am anxious to see what the other bloggers have in their minds. There are so many new things on the market and I expect to be seeing some fun ideas, to be impressed, to be inspired and motivated to action.   
And not a minute too soon for me!
You may think the hard part is coming up with the technique but instead for me the hard part has been in coming up with just the perfect words! 
Do I want to be funny?
...or inspire goodness?
...or state the obvious?
...or do a play on words?
What words do I use?   
And then there is this personal drive to do something that is new to me! 
For this project I want to do something I have NEVER done. 
I have considered a number of things and when I think I have a good idea I find someone else has already done it and sometimes, even marketed it. 
I have written it, and sewn it, and glued it, and waxed it and even pixelated it! 
But how do I want to do it this time?
Well, here is my sneak peek! 
But bleach what?
I'm not telling...not yet! 
But I will drop a hint or two!
A child will like it...or even a teen...
and you will have all the information to complete the project yourself
without even buying a pattern. 
there will be tips to set you up for successs
and a giveaway
and  all you will need to do is
drop me a line in the comment section next Wednesday
and your name will be added to the drawing
which will take place on the 24th which is Linda's birthday. 
So until then enjoy the first week of a new year!
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  1. Hi!! I am working on my words too!!! I like your test pics!!! Looks interesting!!! Thanks for the fun!!!

  2. NICE....can't wait to see it!

  3. How clever! I never would have thought to design with bleach!