Tuesday, August 13, 2013

From Guilt to Quilts

It is just so easy to rush down to a store, pick out something cute and wrap it up for a gift for the baby shower, or for Christmas, or for whatever upcoming occassion  but I have to admit feeling just a bit guilty for not making cute things for my grandchildren while so many of my family and friends were making quilts and blankets and cute things for My grandchildren. 

At the baby showers, I would have a gift and it would be something...well...nice enough but not special...Not an heirloom for the child. And then a large flat box wrapped nicely with a bow....SNAP...out flips this beautiful handmade quilt and the guests look at me expectantly....but no, it was my sister, or my mother, or my mother-in-law.  And then there is my....little offering! 

Most of us from my generation have special quilts we remember from our childhood.The quilt we wanted to be under on cold nights; the one we wanted when were sick or just sick at heart.  I could not understand why the quilt was under the chenille bedspread instead of on top of the bed so I would turn the bedspread down to show the quilt but by the time I returned the bedspread was back.

So...here goes...finally, I'm going to start working for the my grandbabies. 

Well, not all are babies anymore but all love to have something special that is just for them. Now that they are actually older the quilts can fit their personalities a bit better than when they were babies.

And did I mention I have twelve grandchildren from 15 years old (sophomore in high school) to 2 months old!

 I have my work cut out for me! 
I am going to be back paddling a bit!

Here are two of my designs: "Paisley & Her New Friends" a 40" x 52" quilt and Emerson & Friends: a 40" x 40" nap pad for the littlest baby.  Both have a 36" applique panel that can be used interchangably.  Make Emerson & Friends into a quilt or make Paisley & Her New Friends into a Nap Pad. 

*Notice  I have designed sides for the nap pad to keep the baby from rolling off a bed.  The sides are made of pool noodles cut to size and inserted into casings sewn into the sides of the nap pad.  The pad is a 1/2" layer of foam so baby has a soft place to lay his head. 

Both designs are available through my craftsy store



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