Monday, July 16, 2007

Sister Time

Just a quick blog before I run and go pack for my trip.
Dana commented on sister time in her response to my last blog and really sister time deserves more than I have time to blog right now but just wanted to blog one last time before leaving.

I am off soon to go to North Carolina. Quite an adventure for me. I have never been in that area but the real goal is to go on my annual summer trip to visit my sister. I can not tell you how often during the dismal school year I recall our times together and wish I could be there again. We do not have to do anything special at all and it is comforting. In fact, I often tell her I wish I were there at her house, curled up on her couch, drinking coffee and watching an old classic movie on TMC. I can imagine us as old, gray, widowed women living together like the two old aunts on Arsenic and Old Lace! (crazy ladies!)

This trip is not only a sister bonding time but also, a mother/Nana bonding time. And these are relationship that are truly wonderful relationships. I would have a hard time choosing where to go if I had to travel far to visit my children and grandchildren. I will be traveling with my daughter and her three sons. Her husband will join us on Wednesday. My sister will have her granddaughter. We will have a house-full. Pray for us.

I am expecting to have a wonderful time and I am sure I will have much to report when it is all over. We will spend the weekend on the coast in North Carolina, a new adventure for all of us travelers.

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