Sunday, July 1, 2007


Please, tell me if the slideshow slows down your download of the page. I am playing again. When someone told me they did not realize that the pictures on the right were an album of pictures if you click on it I decided to try the slideshow. But if it causes problems I will omit it.

Also, it will be a good experiment for shop website because I want to put a slideshow of the shop.....a tour of the shop.

Hope you have a good Sunday.....the start of a good week......oh, and a good month.


  1. I love the new windows!!! Beautiful. And I like the slideshow, looks good.

  2. The window looks great! I'm glad that Caleb didn't break it the other night. And what a crew to put it in!

  3. For this dial-up user, the slide show didn't work. I could see the captions, but not the actual pictures. I clicked on one of the other pictures, though, and it took me to the whole album plus the other albums. Now that I know there are more, I'll look.

  4. Hey, Those new windows look great!!! I can't wait to see it from the outside!!