Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Amaryllis Bulbs

Okay, you amaryllis watchers.
Did anyone else buy one?
I bought two. Now a week and a half later the one that was 4.5 inches is now 12 inches and the one that was 3 inches is now 6 inches. Both have big buds developed that are shooting up.
I have to wonder why one is so slow and the other is shooting out the gate.

Or maybe, I should realize that neither is slow but one is faster than the other.
Do we compare our children like this?
One is good and the other is exceptional but we do not realize the good one because we are so focused on the exceptional one?

Oh, I think I could start a blog on that....but..... I don't have time.


  1. Oooooo touchy. I'd have gotten some bulbs if I could get out...hee hee. I think it is human nature to compare everything kids or no kids. And your last nerve-hitting blog has to have some area for comparing so I don't think comparing children is ALL bad. Shows there is room for improvement no matter what the subject. We just have to be careful about how we compare...but getting into that would really be more like a book than a blog (or comment)...

  2. OK...I'll bite....I'm not a mom (obviously) but I am a teacher. I spend more time each day with my students than most of them spend with their parents (awake - sleeping hours don't count). Do I compare them? You bet. Do I feel bad about this? Nope. Why? I had great examples set for me.

    Erin and I are gluttons for punishment. We are always asking questions ( of each other but specifically of Mom) like "Did we turn out the way you thought? Why?" or "Who is more ____?" My mom is a pro at those answers! She has taught me that there is nothing wrong with recognizing someone's strengths. Even if an answer does not turn out in our favor, she is able to show how it is a positive for both people. I'm sure we have made her sweat a few times but she is always honest.

    Along those lines, I compare my kids at work: Who is the best at this? or Who has more natural talent at that? It isn't always academic but there is a natural gift and beauty to each of my 17 kids.

    I believe that the key to it all is focusing on individual strengths. There is a book I gave to Mom a few years ago by Barbara Joose called "I Love You the Purplest". It is about the relationship between a mother and her sons. She loves them individually in their own special ways. The boys know they are loved and specifically why.

    So, is comparing in a negative way beneficial for people? Absolutely! Is comparing people an absolute evil? Not at all. Just remember to be Pollyanna when you look at two people against each other.