Sunday, November 4, 2007

Time Change

I have to admit that the time change messed me up this time. Usually, I change the clocks and am fine when I get up but this time I went to bed and thought my cell phone will show the correct time in the morning and all will be well. So being lazy-to-bed, I left the clocks alone .

So this morning I got up, looked at my cell phone and then I looked at the clocks downstairs, and put a load of clothes in the washer. Folded the ones that were in the dryer and turned on the TV. I looked at the clocks and wondered why my phone did not update the time and why did the TV channel guide not update the time. Everything still had the old time on it. I sat and watched a movie and drank coffee. Then I got Lee up because he needed to get some things going before church. His phone was off an hour from mine. I have Sprint, he has Cingular. He had 6:30, I had 5:30. Then Daniel got up. Now with everyone up but Caleb I am bold to wake Caleb to solve the mystery of the time.
Caleb confirmed my suspicions, he had changed the clocks before he went to bed and now the realization hits us all. I got up at 4:30, thinking it was 5:30.

I guess, I will be down early tonight. Now again, how did this happen?


  1. Oh how funny! That kind of happened one year at Christmas. We had to install at "Not before 5:30" rule for opening gifts on Christmas morning. Erin and I checked the clock in Grandma's hallway and it said 5:30 so we got the parents up. A couple of hours later, my Grandma comes into the room to wish us a Merry Christmas and commented on how we were such early risers today. At that exact moment, the clock chimed 6:30. She never turned her hallway clock back and we, as a result, got our parents up to open Santa's gifts at 4:30 in the morning. Needless to say, we all went back to bed for a bit. The best part about all of it....I was 16 and Erin was 14!

  2. haha!! Thats funny. Although over here in Florida we had an "extra" hour. Poor Julie didnt know this and woke up at 5AM thinking it was 6AM. Well, I guess I should really be saying poor nana because julie is sleeping with her. :) but I like this time change. Now i am only 5 hours ahead of Jarred instead of 6.

  3. I love the time change. I like the quiet of night. And showers. And cross stitch. And talking with you while we wait for the guys to get off the combine.