Monday, November 19, 2007

On Your Knees

It seems I hit on a subject that we all have in common.

Either we have had kids,
we are working with kids,
we are working with people who act like kids
or we once were a kid.

An interesting conclusion of the previous blog is that we all identified that kids need both discipline and love or love and discipline or however you put it but both are necessary parts of child rearing and that defending your child to the end is only defending your child to the end and not truly a form of love because anyone who truly loves a child is going:
  • to teach the child to be independent instead of dependent so they can function on their own as an adult,
  • to teach them good work ethics so they will be good employees,
  • to teach them to respect their elders because a society that does not value the older generations is doomed to failure,
  • to show compassion and love because what goes around comes around and besides, those you step on as you climb the ladder of success are the very ones who have to be the support while you are at the top,
  • But the foundation of all the lessons must be to love God and his creation.

As Dave Ramsey would say of dealing with debt, take "baby steps". The lessons are not learned in one day. It takes time. But as all teachers know, know your objectives, move to the goal.

Child rearing is a massive, overwhelming job. There may be jobs that will pay you more monetarily but no job more important.

I am glad to have done it and am glad to have completed my first generation of child rearing, and look forward to supporting those in control of my second generation of child rearing.

I am so fortunate that the daily failures in my life as I brought up my children did not overshadow the spiritual training that the extended family and church family helped me with while my children grew.

Children learn from what they see,
let them see you on your knees.

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  1. one thing I'm learning well - my back ain't what it used to be.