Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Just checking in

I, like Amy, have nothing new to post but am just checking in.

I spent my weekend preparing a lesson that I give tonight. I can not tell you how stressed I have been over this. I have to asked myself why teaching a lesson would stress me but this time it is among my peers and the older women.

I teach kids daily. I have control of my classroom at school. They misbehave I discipline. If their performance is not up to my standards, I help them adjust to reflect a more demanding standard as was set out for them.

I can sit around the table and talk to anyone in this group but leading them a class is very intimidating.


  1. Prayers for an open spirit are with you tonight! I know those in the class will be blessed by you just because you are stepping out of the way to allow God speak. I want to hear how it goes!

  2. totally awesome class.

    it's SO cool to look forward to wednesdays.

    thank you thank you thank you