Friday, December 21, 2007


I was playing around with my blog and did something I should not have done evidentially because things look different in my formatting areas.

I can see YouTube videos on my computer but when I post them on the blog they do not come up so they are blank screens.

Nor do I have the options I used to have for my fonts etc. I can not change the size, color, or font so I am stuck with whatever and the templates are more limited than they used to be.

When I go to look at my options for other templates a bunch of them that I used to see are gone and my selection is more limited. Is it just me or did blogger do something?

I know I changed something but now I need to figure out what I changed.

So bear with me until I have time to sit down and play with this silly blog.

And me with Christmas shopping to do still.......


  1. you the woman. you go girl.

    I didn't understand 1/2 of what you wrote! LOL!!

  2. Just so you know....I can see all of the video clips. The site looks very festive!