Monday, January 21, 2008

Taking the Wind out of my Sail

I don't think I am the only person who allows someone to take the wind out of my sails but often that is exactly what happens when I put too much importance in one person's opinion.

For about six months now, I have been wanting to get a woman's night out going among our ladies at church. I have mentioned it to several who are in agreement with the idea. but I told one older woman and she said in her very negative tone, "Well, I don't know how well that would go over. I can not afford to go out to eat once a month with the ladies."

.......WHOOF.....all the wind just got sucked out of my sails!

I postponed implementing the idea. A loss to any woman in the congregation who would have benefited from bonding with other woman.

I announce I have lost four pounds this week doing a particular diet and a slender woman in the crowd says, "I can lose that in a day."

.......WHOOF.....all the wind just got sucked out of my sails!

I become discouraged and go off the diet.
Okay, so this only affects me except for all those people sitting behind me in church who have to see my backside.

I plan to start a new business in town and the nay-sayers say, "It will not go over here in this town."

.......WHOOF.....all the wind just got sucked out of my sails!

I don't do anything......


I realize that I have stopped doing the things that are good and the things that benefit me or someone else, or even the community because of ONE person's opinion
that I have allowed that one person to control me.

The funny thing is that those people never EVEN realize they affected my actions.

So here you are Jackie and Amy, I'm back!
Thanks for your continued support.


  1. I am SO there. And shame on you and me for allowing people to do that. Just wish I knew how NOT to let them.

  2. I'll go out with you any night of the week! You plan it and I'll be there!

    I'm sad that we didn't get to talk about your class lesson for Wednesday night. I was definitely interested! Let me know how it goes!

  3. For what it's worth, 4 pounds = 14,000 calories. The woman who told you she could lose 4 pounds in one day is either lying or an idiot.

    Sometimes you just have to give people the finger (metaphorically, of course!) and prove them wrong.

    Of course, most of us didn't come packaged with that sort of defiance. Some of us have holes in our sails.
    Still, sometimes the the nay-sayers are right, and we fail. What then?

    At least you tried, yeah? And if you fail, maybe it's because they boo'd when they should have cheered. Next time someone takes the wind out of your sails, say to them as sweetly as you can, "Thank you for being encouraging!" Then walk away.

    Still not defiant enough for that? Me neither. :( But I'm sure it would be effective...

  4. As one who finds myself in the squalls sometimes, let's just float our own boats and say "let 'em tread water!" I love the idea about getting together - count me in!!