Thursday, January 31, 2008

Wants and Needs

I got into a conversation today with students over the difference between "wants" and "needs".
It all begun with one bemoaning the fact that he did not receive an allowance.

Oh, Pobrecita!
Can you imagine?
No free money from Mom!
What will he do?

I commented that he probably got more from his parents than if he had an allowance because if he had an allowance they would expect him to pay for his "wants".

Then we had to decide what their needs are and what their wants are.
Poor kids! They could not tell me the difference!!!!!
I finally had to tell them what they needed to sustain life.

Their comment?
I WANT to go to the movie and I NEED money!

HOW do you argue with that logic?!!!!


  1. sounds spoiled and out of whack to me. and it also illustrates exaactly where my generation has failed in raising responsible people.

    wadda bummer.

  2. do your parents feed you and buy you clothes? yes? then you dont NEED money, its another WANT to be able to do something you WANT to do. the sad part is, I am probably only 4 years older then him?? scary