Wednesday, February 11, 2009

A Week of Love (Continued Part 5)

.....Another year and I planned to get it right this time. But no big surprise gifts to be misunderstood, no more stars in my eyes as to what romance is, and no room for resentment....this year WILL be different.
After all I had enough practice by now on how not to do it.
The odds were in my favor....right?

On Sunday afternoon Holly and I started off by making the candy centers and sugar cookies and dipped the centers as time permitted during the week. I put together a great menu for our special supper together ended with the creme de la creme dessert....a new recipe I found that looked especially intriguing...a chocolate ganache cake.

In the approaching days I greeted him with a special measure of enthusiasm each day, looked at him while he talked, listened to his more time, sat next to him on the couch while we watched our big screen TV after the meal and we held hands....while he slept.

The evening of Valentine's Day we invited our parents in to share our evening with us. I can not remember the conversation but I remember the love that flowed around that table and the smiles and laughter. If I received flowers or candy I can not remember them either now but what I do know is that the good feeling lasted for a very long time.

....."OH, BOY!"
We got it right!

To be continued....

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  1. Perfectly said! Bravo! Every young wife needs to read this. Maybe you should print it off and include it in all your wedding gift cards. I, too, sat here with tears because I love you and I'm sorry these lessons were so hard on you. BUT, like you said. Oh, Boy! You got it last. Linda