Wednesday, February 7, 2007

Have A Cup of Hot Tea!

My great grandmother lived to a ripe old age of 107. One thing I recall about this English woman was that she was so short that we, kids outgrew her before we got to junior high, in fact, probably more like fifth grade and none of us were tall for our age. Although, only 4' 9" or maybe, even 10" she was not to be ignored. She lived most of her years as a woman alone, having lost two husbands and one baby in her early years. This woman defined independent woman. She made fruit cakes for sell, bought property and rented it out, sold vitamins, skin products and no telling what else. She had a head for business that is for sure. I never remember her ever asking for money from the family although the family does tell about her buying a car. She borrowed the money from the bank on a twenty year loan. The funny thing was that she had to have been in her 80's at the time.

I guess she just knew she would make it. When I was a young girl and she came to visit she always carried a small green overnight case full of all of her vitamins, minerals, and whatever else could fit in there. She started every day with a cup of hot tea and if she did not have tea then it was just a cup of plain ol' hot water. She said it got the system working. I never recall her ever drinking a cup of coffee.

Who am I to question this woman's theory of longevity?

Did I mention that I have begun to drink hot green tea?
And moisturize, moisturize, moisturize!
Aging.......It's just not pretty! And you can just not tell how long you may last!


  1. It's funny what we remember about our grandparents. Smells of the house, cooking, smiles... I don't remember too many habits but what memories I do have is all pleasant. I was lucky to have three sets of grandparents. My birth mother died when I was five and Dad remarried 6 months later. So I had grandparents in Cincinnati and Cleveland, Ohio and Amsterdam, Holland. I am in the process of trying to put my memories of family and life in general on paper for my kids. I just wnat my kids to know more about the pre-Dad.

  2. welcome here, ny friend!!! i'm so glad you are posting! i'm not very regular in my thoughts but i really enjoy reading everyone elses! good memories! thanks for sharing them. you and andy have stirred the idea for my next post. oh and i LOVED the description of yourself!:) luvya

  3. Hey!

    I think it stinks that people 15 years older than me look ten years younger. We know it ain't Robert - - must be the cat that does it to me.