Sunday, February 18, 2007


What better way to begin this Sunday morning than to watch the sunrise.

I have discovered that at this time of the year, from the new location of the recliner I can see out the front picture window and see the sunrise through the tree branches. I have been an early risers by nature all of my life. Now that is not to say that I got up with the chickens when my children were small and the demands on my time and energy were at the highest level but by nature I love to be up before everyone else to be able to meditate, read, watch my gardening shows or whatever else seems pleasurable along with a cup of coffee, a chocolate cookie or my hot green tea. I guess that makes me a slow starter but an early starter.

Today the sunrise is especially brillant stretching across the long expanse of sky is a firey expanse of color-brillant reds that creep into oranges and then into yellows-no clouds, just color running across the sky like God's painting in watercolor.

I don't know what lays in store for my day but I know where I will be and who I will be among this morning.


  1. wow! you are so descriptive! your words and adjectives took me out of my empty classroom and placed me on the couch in your living room. i could see you with your coffee in hand and the light form looking out hte window on your face and the brilliant art work God created stretched across the eastern sky. you shold write a book, that was so beautiful!

  2. This reminds me of something I have been thinking of blodding about. Check out my blog in about a week. I do love the mornings!!