Saturday, February 17, 2007

Who knows me?

Why is it when you open up your thoughts to people you feel ....vulnerable....stripped naked....insecure.

When I was a girl my mother used to tell me that if I kept it all inside that one day it would cause me ulcers or some other equally bad thing. I was that run-to-my-room-to-cry child. I would stand there and act like nothing bothered me until I could get to a safe place where no one would see me and then I would quietly cry. It was not for show.
My throat would hurt like a huge lump was there. And it would interfere with swallowing. The stronger the hurt the harder that lump in my throat felt.

What was that lump? I don't feel that anymore.

Who do you share your deepest hurts with?
Do you allow anyone to really know your deepest, most private hurts?

Psalm 44:21
Romans 8:26-27


  1. Man do I know that lump! - - personally. I HATE that thing. And the tears that sting their way out. Like lemon juice on a cut. If I cry in front of anyone, it's a big deal. I am no good at it. that's good and bad.

    Who do I talk to? Just God. And I wish that wasn't the only One who could really handle me. I can't strip myself down. I hate my body - and yes, that's a metaphor.

  2. i have never had a problem with showing my emotions; good or bad. and while someties that is a good thing to be open and honest, sometimes i take brutal honesty a bit too far and it comes out rude and hurtful.
    i talk to different people about difeerent things, depending on my relationship with them, the problem or joy at hand and how it would relate to that individual. but unlike jackie who talks to God about all things, i think i don't talk to him about my things enough.
    great blog!