Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Look at me! Look at me!

This is a state testing week and as far as I am concerned a non-productive week for my personal work due to the time I am spending out of my classroom.

What I missed the most this morning was my painting time. I have been attempting to paint during my advanced art class because I love painting and my students benefit from examples. They are independent enough for me not to have to hang over them and give them continuous instructions. I only get a good 4o to 45 minutes to paint but at least it is progress little as it is.

One art student who is not actually in my class stops by to check my progress . As he peeped over my brush today he said, "I just need to check your progress. I will be checking back often to see how you are doing."

I thanked him for his interest and told him to keep checking on me because that will keep me working. His encouragement was simply the interest in the painting, in mentioning to me that he had noticed that I was painting and wanted to see the completed work. It was not that he was boosting my ego with patronizing comments of my great skills.

Isn't that what we all need. Just someone to peep over our shoulders and say "keep it up, girl"....."don't give up",.... "hang in there", ...."I'm watching your back"........
Whatever is said is just some reassurance that someone cares.

Remember when you were a child, swinging so high that you thought you would flip the swingset over? What was that you were yelling to everyone in the yard?
"Look at me! Look at me!"


  1. Great blog! How true. I always get so caught up in what's up with me that I diss others. I think I'll start keeping a notebook to remind myself.

  2. i think it is so cool how the smallest and insignificant things to some can be the most beneficial thing to others. how your little tap on my should may have been the most effortless thing you could possibly do, but what a lasting impact it made. that's cool how God uses small things to cause great ripples!

    and by the way the painting is beautiful.

  3. What you describe is exactly what your visit did for me yesterday - just let me know that you were looking after me. I feel very honored that you took time to drop by and spend some minutes at the end of a long day, and I hope you'll come by again - I love you.