Friday, July 16, 2010

B Bumble and Co

If you have been watching my blog you can see that I have gotten the sewing bug and who should I blame but my sister.  It is just hard to sit back and watch her having fun and not want to be a part of it.  I can ignore her having fun with her quilts over there next to me while we have coffee but then Mama got into it.  Now I have two of them at the table working quilts and all I can do is suggest colors. 
That does not do it! 

Somehow, I ended up traveling to a quilt shop along with the two this is sometime I want to do.... sure!  But who ended up spending nearly $150.  Yep!  That was me.

So now, I am committed to sewing all of this fabric and using the three patterns I bought.

So then I go to a fabric store with Linda and I end up spending $75!  Okay, now I am really committed to sewing. 
And me without a sewing machine!  So guess I am looking for a good sewing machine! 

Now Linda has started a new website for all those quilters out there to download her patterns directly. Actually Doug has been working on this quite some time now and I think it looks great!  Her patterns are in several quilt shops already but this will open up her patterns worldwide, giving easy access in a download to her patterns for the technology savvy people. 

Her logo on the right is a link to her site. 

She has also started a blog that will discuss all areas of quilting from choosing colors to tutorials.
Her blog is Buzzing and Bumbling and is listed in my links at the right.  Become a follower. 

Even if you are not a quilter you must drop in and check it out.
But I warn can be additive.  But better being addicted to something creative like quilting and sewing than some addictions


  1. Thanks for the plug! I can't imagine anything more fun that sewing and creating with my sister!

  2. I have 'caught' the quilting bug and will be featuring Linda's fantastic patterns on my quilting blog, plus your mother's famous chocolate cake recipe on my sister blog I share with my mother, RocknRecipes. Today I posted two bread recipes and your Mother's mulching lasgna "recipe" there!