Monday, July 12, 2010

Three Beads, Four Marbles, Five Fish and a Nickle

The marble rumbled across the floor, passing the dust bunnies and leaving behind the dried grass clippings and dirt particles swept up. The marble touched base with a wall somewhere before the second marble was put into action by the swift movement of the broom and then a third marble still waited for discovery.

The room seemed unnervingly quiet in the wake of the children.

All that remains were a few small reminders of their time here.  A high chair rests in a spot between the kitchen and the dining room, the rocking horse next to the fireplace.  A couple of small containers of play-doh were hiding under pillows thrown on the floor.   Five fish for the hot tub lurked under the edge of the couch.  Three pop beads had escaped capture.  And a lone nickle had slipped through small fingers and lay on the floor. 

The quiet crashed in all around.

No one to ask to ride in the wagon,
or feed the fish,
or read a book,
or jump on the trampoline,
or to climb up and cuddle.
Slobbery kisses will wait until next time,
" I wuv you's" hover in my heart,
and squeals of excitement echo in my mind.

Exhaustion sets in,
tempered by sentiment.

'til next time.

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