Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Cars and Colors

As I was working in the yard early this morning I heard a car coming down the road at the bottom of the hill from me. 
I looked up and seeing a silvery car that appeared to be my parent's car I thought, "they are out early" and returned to my work.

The car was driving slowly and I surmised it must be my mother but as I looked up to wave it was not my mother.  I thought, "It must be my mother-in-law"  who also, has a silvery car about the same look as my parent's car.  But no, it was neither my mother, nor my mother-in-law but rather an old man driving in a car that fit the same description as the other two cars. 

And I thought, "Oh, another victim of  stereotyping."
I drive a maroon Envoy.  The same as several other members in my age group who shopped the same dealership, same year in town. 

All of us victims of stereotyping. 

Maybe, I'm ready for another car but this time I'm not going to listen to the recommendations of the salesman, no matter how cute or sweet he is.

Maybe, I'll get something fun....and sleek....and bright and of  course,

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