Monday, July 12, 2010

Summer Projects

With everyone around me sewing up projects, I have now got the bug!

I never thought I would ever want to sew again.  When sewing was creative I enjoyed it but when I had to sew my clothes....oh, no!!!  I like trying on first!

Leann, check this out.

It did end up taking me about five hours total (Counting the two hours at your house working on it with you, Leann.)  But this was just the first one. 

Getting the instructions figured out without a better understanding of all the compartments was the hardest part but now the next one will go faster....and yes, there will be more.  I went shopping for fabric yesterday and got enough for several projects. 

This is the little purse about 6 by 8 inches with four compartments on the inside (one zippered pocket)and the flap is also a pocket with the  zipper in the very top (not pictured) for an additional compartment  just perfect for my cell phone. 

So much fun!
I am ready to get a sewing machine now!


  1. I love it! If all I ever had to make was "tunics" for VBS, I might put the sewing machine away, too! Still making those, but maybe next week, I can make one of those purses. Can't wait!

  2. I am making one today with leopard skin pattern fabric and then an Egyptian designed pattern on black fabric. I will post so you can see. I made it this morning at Linda's and now all I have to do is put on the strap and bind the edges. I have taken much less time, also. We did not get started until 10:00 and I was back home cooking lunch by 11:35 and am nearly finished with it.