Saturday, May 21, 2011

A Painting A Day: Topsail Island Beach

I believe I mentioned this is a hectic day with many activities going on. But when grilling the brisket meant I had to stand guard over it outside to make sure it did not go up in flames (this time) I moved my paints and painting outside and enjoyed the morning.  
The birds were singing and the sky was overcast slightly and for a little while I was misted with a very light mist of moisture from the sky.  We are in drought conditions here in my area so rain would be a blessing about now.  
In the time I was outside I finished up the little painting from Topsail Island.  The access across the sand dunes to the beach intrigued me the minute I saw it.  I took a number of photos of it.  I loved the rhythm the boards created in the boardwalk.  

Moved my painting outside.

Set up in line with the grill in my line of vision.
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  1. great beachy scene - i love the wind blowing of the reeds