Friday, April 29, 2011

A Painting A Day: Waterlily

Waterlily (Watercolor 7" x 11")
Today was a much better day.  

It was relaxing to sit and paint today.  My students were still testing but only the sophomores and juniors leaving the freshman in regular classes and seniors were given time off until after lunch.  Since my classes are all mixed I had an easy morning with just a few students.  Even so I decided something less challenging today may be necessary after yesterday's fiasco so I found a photo of one of last summer's waterlilies from my pond.

Photo of White Waterlily
It was a photo of one of the
white waterlilies but I wanted more color. Originally the photo of the waterlily was pretty washed out looking and not very interesting in my opinion (see insert to right).

Changing colors in a photo can be challenging and sometimes it looks unnatural in a painting.  In order to maintain some naturalness to the enhancement of color I manipulated the photo on my computer using software for photos. I boosted the warm colors and increased the contrast before printing out the photo. 

I loved the warm colors reflecting off the center of the waterlily and the reflected lights under the petals.  I could add in more detail if I decided to do so but at the end of my school day I called it finished, packed up my supplies and put the painting away as my last class entered the room.

It pleased me when one of my students asked what I had painted today and wanted to see it.  

They noticed!
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  1. That is perfection! I posted a picture on my blog today that my cousins took last week at their ranch in Austin...I thought when I saw it that you could really paint that up quite lovely...hint hint...
    Your work is so wonderful...