Friday, October 31, 2008

The Day's Video

I could not figure out in a short amount of time how to post this video. Click on the Title of the Post and go to YouTube to see this video on Fox News this morning. Make sure you watch the vet as he is walking away.
Gives me chills.

Thanks, Jaci. I have embedded videos before but I am at school and YouTube is blocked so I am not even sure if I can do it from here. I was trying to rush out the door to get to school at the early hour I have to get to school this morning when I was trying to post. (Did that SOUND like a complaint about the early hour that we are required to be at school?)

Thursday, October 30, 2008

The Shack

I really did not go into hibernation as the school year, instead I have just been too busy to have time to post anything. In fact, really the only thoughts that bounce through this brain of mine are things about school.

However, I am toward the end of another interesting book, The Shack by William (Willie) P. Young. Willie, the author, a son of a missionary now grown and with children, never really intended to be publishing this book but instead was writing it for his children to read. Thinking this approach was entertaining while imparting a knowledge of God's constant love of us, he wrote it, made copies he bound and gave to his children and a select few friends. Soon the copies were circulating and people were asking where they could get copies. A relatively short book comparatively to War and Peace, I guess, I thought I would read it in a couple of days but have not had the free time to read so am now at the end of the week still reading in little short snatches of time here and there while doing duty at school, during advisory at school, during a passing period...... I have found it interesting that the book has intrigued me and even after I put the book down I am thinking and questioning, anxious to get to it.

Mack, the main character experiences a life changing tragedy in his life that leaves him sad and feeling separated from God when he receives an invitation from someone he thinks could be God. I will stop here because I don't want to spoil it for you since Jackie said she is reading it and Jennifer wants to now.

So much to think about, the book has reinforced some things I already knew, illustrates ideas I had not thought of, puts God in a different perspective to me....
  • relationships
  • God's constant love....
  • Man's emotional ups and downs
  • God's constant love......
  • the continual presence of the Holy Spirit with us
  • God's constant love....
While I do not accept this book as gospel, obviously, this is a book that makes me think, has me talking to people who have noticed me with the book who would otherwise not listen to anything about interesting piece of fiction with a message.
I would be interested in knowing the thoughts of others who have read the book.

If you are interested in knowing more about the book, the author, etc go to his website at

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

The Best Pay

I sit here this morning in the beginning of a new week and wonder where all my time is going this year. Here it already a week into October.

Thanks to my job I have been one busy woman this year and I am thinking they do not pay me enough! Every week I put in at least ten hours extra doing extracurricular activities for the school because I am a junior class sponsor and that is after hours.... work trips to SA, staying to work football games in the concession stand at both junior high as well as high school and whatever else they find for us to do....and as I stated this is only the beginning of October....I help organize prom this year.

I enjoy each class individually.
I enjoy the students individually.
I enjoy the socialization of my fellow co-workers.

But it just waste-es all that good time!

I am a morning person. If I want to get something done I need to get it done in the morning. As a young mother I used to have my house clean by 10:00 in the morning and then I was ready to sit down at my sewing machine to be creative and sew my childrens' clothes or work in the yard.
Oh, work in the yard......(oh, I remember getting to get out in the mornings!) I had a day ahead of me. And I probably slept in until 6:30 or 7:00 in those days.

Now it is up at 5:15, take a shower, fix my face and hair, go downstairs and fix breakfast and off to school...oh, and had a couple of cups of coffee, removed the dishes from the dishwasher, sorted through dirty clothes, put in a couple of loads of clothes to wash, and found my school id. By 10:00 AM I have done my morning duty and am into my second class of the day almost into the third class, helped about forty of my students be creative and submitted all of the paperwork for the morning classes. Not bad for a morning but I still will see at least another 100 kids before the day is over, make at least 500 decisions, provide healthy choices for those disruptive students and guide them all down the road to creative thinking....before 3:45.

When I was a young mother I longed to have a paying job. I thought that would make me more of a valuable person. Now I long for the peace of staying at home with my family and touching those I love the most.

The pay is better.