Sunday, June 19, 2011

Happy Father's Day: Candy Cards

Sometimes, getting a card for special days is a challenge but this year we found an answer for a Father's Day card in the candy aisles.  

This card is Mom to Dad:
Hot Tamales, I Skor'ed a good one! Some people may think you are an Airhead but I think you are a Big Hunk, always good for a few Snickers and Mounds of fun!  Twix you and me and the 3 Musketeers you are the sugar to my Sugar Babies, the Almond Joy to my days, and the Starburst to my Milky Way.

The one the kids are giving their dad reads:

"Hot Tamales!"   Some“Sugar Babies” have “Nerds” or “airheads”for a Daddy but you are a “100 Grand” among dads, always good for “Mounds” of “Snickers”, a true “Nugget” among “Nuggets”, a “Starburst” in the “Milky Way”. Mom thinks you are a “Big Hunk”or "Life Savers". We don’t know what she means but to us you are a “Whopper” of a dad, and a “Joy” to be around! You are sooooo “Special” . Twix” you and me we Skor” ed a good one. We love you!

This is not a new idea but it was fun for us to do.  We enjoyed playing with the names and trying to work in the special candies our dads liked. (Oh, just noticed that the kids picture is missing the special dark chocolate on the card.)  I bought one foam core board at Target thinking I could cut it in half but our sentiment got long and the words needed more spacing. 
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  1. That is way too it. Hope your day with Dad is a great one!

  2. I still think you could have worked in one of Lee's favorites - Butterfingers!