Thursday, November 13, 2014

The Christmas Squirrel Quilt Pattern

It has been two years but finally I have completed the pattern for the Squirrels' Christmas Quilt I made two years ago.

This is the quilt I entered in the Think Christmas Blog Hop in 2012. (click to go the post)

This was my first paper piecing quilt and in fact, my first real quilt! And I had never done any type of paper piecing.

I started the quilt during the time I  had three grandchildren living with me along with their parents while their house was under construction.  It was 18 months, I think it was in the planning stage,the financing stage, the finding the right people stage and finally the construction stage.

Needless to say space was cramped, it was hard to find a private space for my creative things or even the non-creative things and every time I took out something fun to do the grandchildren wanted to take part in it.  Now, don't misunderstand.  I loved it!  I thrived on it! I just didn't get much done.

But that is all fine.  It was bonding times. The children and I grew together during our "projects" time.

When the kids and their parents went on vacation for a few days I was left alone...well, daughter came with her children to spend the weekend and when we finally had time to sit down and read the direction together a storm moved in, a flash a lightning lit up the sky with a booming noise and the lights were out...for hours.

Then my old machine gave out on me and I was forced to buy a new one!  Poor me!  I got the best machine I could afford.  

Now not only was I learning how to paper piece I was learning how to use a new first computerized machine.  My last machine was a Viking from about "79.  It lasted a good long time!

Next Squirrels' Christmas Pillows!
I wonder if I will get it done before two years pass.

The Squirrel's Christmas Quilt Pattern can be found either my Etsy site or my Craftsy site.
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