Tuesday, February 19, 2013

I'm a Little ARTrageous!

 It's all about me! 
And I am feeling a little ARTrageous!
ARTrageous Bag: Front view flap
Being that I am really more of an artist than a quilter, ARTrageous is more about me.
And as I get older, I load on more and more jewelry and love more ARTrageous prints (especially animal skins) and outfits.  And of course, just being an artist means I must be a little....well....weird!

So I adapted the Amy Bradley's patten image to be more about me.  And since I love to make bags and purses, I decided to do one more bag for the blog.
It is going to be so good when I get it done....but...
time is spinning on and my project is not quite finished....so I am rushing...and rushing...and of course, when you rush that is when things start to happen! 

It was going so well until...
the thread on my machine broke....

Side view
and I could not rethread it.....and I tried....and tried...and tried again...I even took the needle out and tried to thread it in better light and then tried to put it back on the machine....but, well, no...then I decided it was the old needle and tried a new...one more time...and it threaded easily. 

Okay, back on track, sewing smoothly, evenly, and without a hitch.....
but oh, no, the bobbin ran out! 

As the evening wore on, it became dark and a hunger husband arrived.... I needed to take a little break to prepare supper.  But not before quickly finishing up the purse lining and then I can sit down and finish up. 
Back view: pockets, pockets, pockets.
But no!  the lining was backwards so I put the water on to boil for supper and starting ripping out lining stitches....but when I was inches from finishing ripping out I realized ....I was wrong ....and had done it right!

Magazine pocket under front flap.

So that's it for me! 
A special thanks to Amy Bradley for her inspirational pattern.
and a special thanks to Madame Samm for her motivational blog hops. 
and another special thanks goes to Marlene for being our cheerful leader! 
As usual, it has been fun!

Several of you have asked about what pattern I used for this purse so I am adding this to the post.  
The design is mine.  I made it up as I went along.  Every time I see a purse, I look at it and add it to my memory of good ideas to do and I love pockets and divisions in purses and am always looking for ways to make them easily.  Seldom will I actually buy a pattern.   I just wing it.  So I make mistakes and have to correct and redo but it is all fun to me.  At some point I might try to write up patterns but this is one of a kind at this posting.  I appreciate all of the sweet comments I have gotten and inquiries about the pattern.  You have made my day!! 
Detail of pattern design 

Buzzing and Bumbling