Thursday, April 2, 2009

All Good

I am so excited about everything happening in my life right now. Who would not be?

Two projects have been in the works for a number of weeks in my life and both are coming to a close or actually to a beginning for one and a completion for the other. Prom (Yes, I am too old to be going to prom but I am a sponsor by obligation of my job.) will be this Saturday and hopefully, if I am really, really good and I get to retire in four will be my last! Thank goodness.

....and Busy Bags! The tree will be installed on the wall today or before the weekend! Last night the teenage girls stuffed the bags. They finally understood what we have been talking about and are so excited. They want to assist the children Sunday morning to get their bags. I think the girls want to keep a bag for themselves to play with in church actually. While we were stuffing bags I looked up at Jessica who was carrying the conversation while stuffing finger puppets in the bags. She had butterflies on every finger on one hand and funny birds on the other hand. If the little children don't know how to use the finger puppets we will send Jessica over.

I expect success!
(Busy Bags will hang on the picket fence that will extend beyond the wall by a few inches.) If we have extra I am thinking of adding an apple crate on the floor in front of the picket fence and put more bags in it. This photo is of the tree on the workshop floor so it is distorted.)

Tonight I get to go watch Joel in his school program. I am not really sure what is going on but I think it is the bilingual program and Joel is one of three cavemen. He is probably one of the tallest in the second grade. I think it will be fun. He will be well represented. We will make an evening of it.

The wedding plans in progress. The invitation list is in progress. Invitations have been sponsored by one of Gaby's family friends. The food is now lined to grill, moms to make the sides, more moms and sisters doing cakes. Shirts and dresses bought for the men and little girls. The yard is coming together. We have discussed where to stand, where to sit, where to eat.....all good. We will continue to work at it but several things have been planted and are being kept. I need to start my new plants on a vitamin and fertilizer program.

And me....I have started a diet routine! Wish me success!