Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Goodbye July, Hello August

Here we are on the verge of our last summer month. It seems the summer months fly by so quickly and then it is time for school again. With the early start of school and teachers starting earlier than the kids we will be back into a school routine before you know it.

July has been so busy with the remodeling, visiting friends and flying out to North Carolina that I have not been posting. So this will be a catch up on all the goings-on.
  • Davis Duncan Winters, the baby you prayed over so long was born on July 22nd. Mom has preclamsia and high blood pressure and he was forced to come at 30-31 weeks and weighed in at 3 lbs 4 ozs. He is doing well but of course is still in the hospital until he is 4 or 5 lbs, I believe. Continue this family in your prayers because they continue to go through the stresses of a new baby, plus having a premature baby and Mom continues to have some health concerns. I am sure Linda will give us an update on their conditions as she sees fit.
  • My daugther-in-law had a little scare in the middle of July which has made her slow down a little and take better care of herself but she and the baby are doing well. Keep her in your prayers, please.
  • I flew for the first time in my life on the 17th of July flying out to Raleigh, North Carolina and then returned on the 24th. I got to sit between two of my grandsons who loved flying and have flown before. The take-off was thrilling, the snacks were fun and the landing was relieving. We had a layover in Orlando on the way there and in Nashville on the way back. It was more turbulent on the trip back and it made me a little nervous but I did not get sick!
  • We got to go to Topsail Island in North Carolina and spent three days playing on the coast, finding shark teeth, playing in the surf. We stayed in Linda and Doug's RV, all nine of us. Two or three slept outside in a small tent to give us a little more space. I loved it and the kids all did, too.
  • Enjoyed life in Raleigh, visiting with my sister, brother-in-law and their granddaughter in their nice clean home.
  • I returned home to the dust of remodeling but soon became accustomed to it again.
I am adding a link on the right for a few of our July pics for any interested. The remodeling is better in person than in pictures so keep that in mind.

Monday, July 16, 2007

Sister Time

Just a quick blog before I run and go pack for my trip.
Dana commented on sister time in her response to my last blog and really sister time deserves more than I have time to blog right now but just wanted to blog one last time before leaving.

I am off soon to go to North Carolina. Quite an adventure for me. I have never been in that area but the real goal is to go on my annual summer trip to visit my sister. I can not tell you how often during the dismal school year I recall our times together and wish I could be there again. We do not have to do anything special at all and it is comforting. In fact, I often tell her I wish I were there at her house, curled up on her couch, drinking coffee and watching an old classic movie on TMC. I can imagine us as old, gray, widowed women living together like the two old aunts on Arsenic and Old Lace! (crazy ladies!)

This trip is not only a sister bonding time but also, a mother/Nana bonding time. And these are relationship that are truly wonderful relationships. I would have a hard time choosing where to go if I had to travel far to visit my children and grandchildren. I will be traveling with my daughter and her three sons. Her husband will join us on Wednesday. My sister will have her granddaughter. We will have a house-full. Pray for us.

I am expecting to have a wonderful time and I am sure I will have much to report when it is all over. We will spend the weekend on the coast in North Carolina, a new adventure for all of us travelers.

Saturday, July 14, 2007

July Update

I think July is passing faster than June. I guess August will seem like a blink.
I have added updated pics today to show you what sort of mess we are living in. Surprisingly no one is complaining. Dust is covering everything.

I leave on Monday for my trip to visit my sister and will return on the 24th. Hope all will remain well. Pray for us on our trip that all will go well.

Thursday, July 12, 2007

The Mark of Intelligence

While working in the kitchen with the television on in the family room I can hear but not see. The words are often taken out of context and are strange to my ears like things said in my art room by my students, "where do I put my head?".

It struck me as funny when the current commercial ended it's bit with "people are smart!" I can not tell you what the commercial was about or what accomplishment made the company so proud of the intelligence of man but in my mind I saw people from God's eyes telling ourselves how smart we are like a three year old so proud of themselves because they "ope'd de door" or some simple task to us.

Here is God, creator of the world, the universe, all those things we can not EVEN imagine and who does not mark time like man but rather is eternal and here is man, the product of His power proclaiming how intelligent we are.

It brings to mind a question a friend of mine asks when a student does something not quite so intelligent. "Do stupid people KNOW they are stupid."

As compared to an ape, I guess we are intelligent.......

Sunday, July 1, 2007


Please, tell me if the slideshow slows down your download of the page. I am playing again. When someone told me they did not realize that the pictures on the right were an album of pictures if you click on it I decided to try the slideshow. But if it causes problems I will omit it.

Also, it will be a good experiment for shop website because I want to put a slideshow of the shop.....a tour of the shop.

Hope you have a good Sunday.....the start of a good week......oh, and a good month.