Tuesday, July 7, 2009

The Fun Stuff

Are they in love or what?

The family picture at the wedding.


Arriving at Playa del Mariposa

Playa & Gabriela

Again, just because she is so-o-o cute!

He thinks so, too.

Later, the next week...on to the river.
(couldn't decide...walk or ride...but maybe both will work. Ride awhile, walk later.)

Checking out the fingers.

Uncle & boys

Another uncle holding the water in place....he said this was a harder job than we knew.

Is this a celebrity...or a grandson who seems to be growing up on me.

What kind of celebration without watermelon?

Relaxing in the shade

See you later!

Monday, July 6, 2009

Driven by the list

Why is it that when I had four kids at home I had a clean, well-organized house and today a job and a wedding eat my lunch?

What drove me when I was young? Not mentioning the difference in the years, the stamina, and well, you know, the weight!

Oh, I remember! I was driven by the list…you know the daily list….the all-the things-to-do-for-the-day-before-I-can-play list. I had the house clean by 10:00 am every day, unless of course, it was the strip-the-old-wax-from-the-floor day and that was an all day job. I remember taking pride in the appearance of my house.

Now I think it is important to play first, clean later.

So, today…now that the wedding is over, a week with one grandchild is over, a weekend at the Guadalupe and now the start of a second week with another grandchild…I am about ready for…
the list….

…Make the beds upstairs,
…clean all the bathrooms,
…clean the living area,
…clean the kitchen,
…clean out the refrigerator,
…clean the pass through space, (that is a clutter space)
…download all pics & load on external hard drive and

I was done except for the blogging by 1:30 which is swim time for the boys and I had even ventured from the list to include some extras. I scrubbed down the shower, and the bathtub, cleaned the “wedding room” and organized wedding things, boxing things up and putting things away for storage, made several business calls, paid bills, cleaned the play areas from last week, putting away the extra bedding, etc. and decorated as I cleaned and fixed lunch for six of us.

What was the difference today?
The list…I was driven by the list!

I wonder what I should put on tomorrow's list.
Maybe, I will post some pictures of my playtimes.