Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Another Christmas in July

I enjoy entertaining and planning theme parties. This month we had two separate gatherings for Christmas in July in our yard. Both well attended and everyone seemed to enjoy the evening.  The weather was perfect.  It threatened rain but it was actually cool and breezy instead. 

But I always think I have to have everything done perfectly including all the touches outside.  The flowerbeds have to be edged and cleaned.  And then I always think my yard needs more....more pathways, more flowers, more decorations.....more everything.
Surprise guest relaxing in the pool!

You know how hard it is to be perfect?  The day of the party I start to stress a few hours before the party.

Side yard for Christmas in July
Christmas trees decorate brownies
"I did not get the flowerbed mulched!  I don't have enough time to do it, shower and get my hair done again!

"I did not get the brownies decorated! After the shower but before doing my hair....I can squeeze it in!"

"Oh, the upstairs closet did not get vacuumed! And you know guests snoop!"

Then the party starts and all the worries are gone.  I run around taking pictures and finally.....if everyone is settled and having a good time I will try to squeeze in the socializing.

My biggest problem is finding time to enjoy the event!
I become Martha of the Mary and Martha story.
Who is going to serve if I don't do it?!  And by the way...I am serious!  Who will do it?

Some of the teens eating at Christmas in July Devo Night
But really, the idea is to get to socialize and enjoy the company of our friends!

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Cars and Colors

As I was working in the yard early this morning I heard a car coming down the road at the bottom of the hill from me. 
I looked up and seeing a silvery car that appeared to be my parent's car I thought, "they are out early" and returned to my work.

The car was driving slowly and I surmised it must be my mother but as I looked up to wave it was not my mother.  I thought, "It must be my mother-in-law"  who also, has a silvery car about the same look as my parent's car.  But no, it was neither my mother, nor my mother-in-law but rather an old man driving in a car that fit the same description as the other two cars. 

And I thought, "Oh, another victim of  stereotyping."
I drive a maroon Envoy.  The same as several other members in my age group who shopped the same dealership, same year in town. 

All of us victims of stereotyping. 

Maybe, I'm ready for another car but this time I'm not going to listen to the recommendations of the salesman, no matter how cute or sweet he is.

Maybe, I'll get something fun....and sleek....and bright and of  course,

Friday, July 16, 2010

B Bumble and Co

If you have been watching my blog you can see that I have gotten the sewing bug and who should I blame but my sister.  It is just hard to sit back and watch her having fun and not want to be a part of it.  I can ignore her having fun with her quilts over there next to me while we have coffee but then Mama got into it.  Now I have two of them at the table working quilts and all I can do is suggest colors. 
That does not do it! 

Somehow, I ended up traveling to a quilt shop along with the two this is sometime I want to do.... sure!  But who ended up spending nearly $150.  Yep!  That was me.

So now, I am committed to sewing all of this fabric and using the three patterns I bought.

So then I go to a fabric store with Linda and I end up spending $75!  Okay, now I am really committed to sewing. 
And me without a sewing machine!  So guess I am looking for a good sewing machine! 

Now Linda has started a new website for all those quilters out there to download her patterns directly. Actually Doug has been working on this quite some time now and I think it looks great!  Her patterns are in several quilt shops already but this will open up her patterns worldwide, giving easy access in a download to her patterns for the technology savvy people. 

Her logo on the right is a link to her site. 

She has also started a blog that will discuss all areas of quilting from choosing colors to tutorials.
Her blog is Buzzing and Bumbling and is listed in my links at the right.  Become a follower. 

Even if you are not a quilter you must drop in and check it out.
But I warn can be additive.  But better being addicted to something creative like quilting and sewing than some addictions

Monday, July 12, 2010

Summer Projects

With everyone around me sewing up projects, I have now got the bug!

I never thought I would ever want to sew again.  When sewing was creative I enjoyed it but when I had to sew my clothes....oh, no!!!  I like trying on first!

Leann, check this out.

It did end up taking me about five hours total (Counting the two hours at your house working on it with you, Leann.)  But this was just the first one. 

Getting the instructions figured out without a better understanding of all the compartments was the hardest part but now the next one will go faster....and yes, there will be more.  I went shopping for fabric yesterday and got enough for several projects. 

This is the little purse about 6 by 8 inches with four compartments on the inside (one zippered pocket)and the flap is also a pocket with the  zipper in the very top (not pictured) for an additional compartment  just perfect for my cell phone. 

So much fun!
I am ready to get a sewing machine now!

Three Beads, Four Marbles, Five Fish and a Nickle

The marble rumbled across the floor, passing the dust bunnies and leaving behind the dried grass clippings and dirt particles swept up. The marble touched base with a wall somewhere before the second marble was put into action by the swift movement of the broom and then a third marble still waited for discovery.

The room seemed unnervingly quiet in the wake of the children.

All that remains were a few small reminders of their time here.  A high chair rests in a spot between the kitchen and the dining room, the rocking horse next to the fireplace.  A couple of small containers of play-doh were hiding under pillows thrown on the floor.   Five fish for the hot tub lurked under the edge of the couch.  Three pop beads had escaped capture.  And a lone nickle had slipped through small fingers and lay on the floor. 

The quiet crashed in all around.

No one to ask to ride in the wagon,
or feed the fish,
or read a book,
or jump on the trampoline,
or to climb up and cuddle.
Slobbery kisses will wait until next time,
" I wuv you's" hover in my heart,
and squeals of excitement echo in my mind.

Exhaustion sets in,
tempered by sentiment.

'til next time.