Friday, September 5, 2014

Sweet Dreams

I have not been blogging lately and it is because I have been busy.  I know...who hasn't been?  It is the way of the world today, isn't it?  Why can't we just slow down and enjoy the simple pleasures of our lives.  Well, that is another story!

Not only am I working to get an online business going (Etsy and Craftsy), and keeping grandchildren as much as possible because they are so stinkin' cute but we are remodeling.

Anyone who has ever built a house or remodeled a house knows, you have a full plate of things that have to be done NOW!

The remodeling is a blog coming up soon, as is that reupholstering job I started in June so stay tuned as the old show hostesses on late night TV would say.  

On my table today I have buntings for a baby shower.
Last Sunday night or Monday morning actually in the wee hours that are only kept by mothers nursing babies or expectant mothers doing their nesting I had a question from an Etsy custom order presented to me which gave my creativity a real adrenalin shot.  An expectant mother is decorating her new nursery for a little girl (actually due today) in gray, pink and white and wanted to information on picking buntings to coordinate.  

It did not take me long to get onto this new color scheme and I had buntings adapted to the color scheme she wanted and made some little birds and hearts to be ribbon holders and my week was gone! I was making birds and hearts and printing buntings all week and having a great time doing it.  I love retirement!   

Linda, my sister needed a baby shower gift which has to be mailed  and needs to arrive before next Friday. So Linda and I kicked it into high gear and off we go.

I made the buntings and Linda made the cute little owls.  I loved her owls with their big bulgy eyes.  I was planning on designing some myself but I don't think they would have been as cute.  I learn a lot from my sister.

We envision this hanging above the baby's crib.  Since the baby's name is not not yet decided Linda decided to say "Sweet Dreams".   So cute!

Job completed and mailed for their destination!
Sweet Dreams little one!

(Here is my disclaimer.  Photos continue to kick my rear.  I had a hard time adjusting colors on the photo.  The buntings are white, with gray and pink details.  The owls are varying values of pink and gray.  All on a darker gray cloth laid out on my table.  I don't have a baby's crib.  Not anymore.  But wouldn't that be nice?)

Bunting are available through my Etsy shop.  See Buntings and Banners section.