Saturday, May 2, 2015

Quilt Backs You'll Flip Over

The smell of new fabrics is among my earliest memories stemming from frequent visits to the local fabric shop.  Not many of my memories involve smells but in this case, I was nose-level with the bottom of all those bolts and while my mother was using her sense of sight,  my sense of smell was getting a work out. 

The shop owner greeted us by name as we entered the door and she and my mother talked sewing.   No wonder I still remember the place.  It was a place of comfort and friendship amidst beautiful fabric patterns, colors and textures. 

In later years my older sister and I would walk the short distance to the shop for a time of inspirational summer fun.   We could look at pattern books for least Linda could and it seemed like hours to me.  The only thing that could pull Linda away from dreaming over the books was hunger and then candy was the answer.


"Pedal Pushers" were my first solo project.  I was twelve.  After my successful sewing experience I learned not only could I sew, I could sew fast.  I could complete a project in much less time than my mother could do the same project!
She was so easily distracted....meals, children,  PTA meetings, cleaning, coffee..... She was so slow getting my things done.
I sewed! 
And sewed!
And sewed!
Until it became drudgery
It was another job...and after all.... I had cooking and cleaning, and meals to make and meeting at school and a never ending job of  maintaining a home... and washing....I had kids! 

I stopped sewing!
Only recently did I retire from teaching.  Now every day is like a vacation day, spent in some form of creative work whether it be at my drafting table, sewing machine or in my garden.  Every day is a good day for me. 
All the women in my family quilted but I resisted it….never wanted to do it.  I ignored it as best I could….had a healthy respect for quilters from a distance but finally, it caught up with me.  Now, I am a quilting fanatic.  What can I say?  I never stood a chance!

Now, I love it all.
I sew every day!
Every day that I sew is a good day!
And I have begun to quilt!
Quilting had became a passion.
 So for all of you ladies out there who, like me, love the art of sewing, quilting and creating here is a FREEBIE download to help with making quilt backs you'll flip over.

Click here to Download.
One of the obstacles I ran into as a new quilter was making a quilt back that was pretty. 
 But luckily, as I mentioned, I had people who quilted I could lean on. 
So I leaned on my sister for a little more help and she showed me the basics to quilt fact, she is my go-to person for all my quilting questions. 
With her guidance and my background in art I began to think of the backs of my quilt like the continuation of the story.

The back should be simple yet compliment the front. 
Backs You'll Flip Over, is a simple 5 page guide which applies the rule of Thirds (a concept from my art background) to design a quilt back using you scrap fabrics, reject blocks and pieced fabrics. 
Download here.

Trust me, it is free.  No obligations. 
I would love to see you beautiful backs. 

Happy Quilting!


  1. I love unexpected quilt backs that make the quilt reversible!! I didn't follow your "thirds" recommendation (I didn't know about it yet!!), but I had some fun with my daughter's wedding quilt. You can see pictures of it here:

  2. Thank you, Farm Quilter!
    I went to your blog and saw your quilt. It is beautiful I am sure you are truly proud of it as you should be.
    In response to your confusion about the "Thirds": The Rule of Thirds is simply a time tested compositional concept used in art, photography and design. You will find it used in so many famous paintings and it did not happen by accident.
    The rule of thirds is a simplification of designs found in nature based on the Fibonacci principle a very interesting principle when you begin to realize how often in nature this principle is used. (You might google images on "Fibonacci principle and rule of thirds" to see how it is applied in design.)
    God created it. It must be good.
    Thank you for your comments. I love getting a glimpse into others' lives and quilting does draw quilting women together.


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