Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Spoonflower Shop

I'm hooked!!!  
I have gotten hooked on creating fabric and patterns and just all that creative stuff.  
I enter the contests every week and 
when I am not working on a design I am thinking about it.   

I now have a shop online for anyone interested in purchasing the fabric or cut & sew fabric panels.  Go to the link for my shop.

Just a sampling of what you will find.
Most recently I created a dress design for a little girl (small size 2-4).   This is a cut & sew fabric panel which means no need to buy a pattern and fabric separately.  Buy the fabric and the pattern is printed on it.  Follow the simple directions and 1...2...3!  Add ribbon and it's a sweet little dress for that sweet little one. 

Isn't she adorable?  Even with her frog tattoo on her leg!


I also, completed my purse panels and they can be purchased here  or see other colors that are available. Also available are black, green, red, and soon to be available green/purple combination and purple/aqua combination.  The panel makes both purses pictured.

Fabrics are also, available by the yard. Here are just a few.   
Drop into the shop often.  
I add more every day or two.
(Below are 8" swatches)

Carried Away (For the love of books contest entry)
Crafty Ladies (The Artist and her Sister, the Quilter)

The Quiet Life  ( I Thess 4:11)

This  just in!
I gave Linda some of my Crafty Ladies fabric and this is what she did with it.  I think she is pretty smart.

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