About Me

The Woman I Am, the Artist Who Lives Within Me and the Family I Love:

I used to worry about the "holes" in my art education. I kept thinking someday, something is going to slap me in the face that I did not learn when I should have.  I feared it was like learning a foreign language but never learning how to ask , "where is the bathroom".  Now after decades of creating I have learned that the holes are the playgrounds of discovery and are not to be feared but rather enjoyed .  They are the things to explore still and to add to your bag of skills. 

It is the areas unknown to me today that will be my artistic adventures tomorrow.  

Unlike my sister I did not take art in high school when it was offered.  I always held back because I felt I would not be good enough. 
My sister was the one who was creative.
I wanted my own interests.  

I married and had children early in life. By the time I was 25 I had four children, five and a half to a newborn.  Then being creative was a necessity for survival.  It was therapy.  I learned to paint in various mediums in weekly art classes.   I enjoyed it immensely.  After the children were all in school I decided it was time for me to go to college.   I thought I would get my degree in elementary education. With four children and the organization skills I possessed I would be good at it.  
But art kept calling out to me and I finally relented.  

In the end I ended up with a degree in Fine Art with a concentration in drawing, although most of the work produced for my concentration ended up being completed in watercolor.  Then I got a certification for secondary education.  
I have been teaching art in the public school, mostly high school for nearly twenty years now.  Sometimes, I  taught privately from my home studio.  

I feel incomplete when I am not able to use my creative skills. 

Later, I returned to my own education and earned a Masters in Instructional Technology. 
Still I am in the classroom teaching art. 
I think it suits me. 

The Family I Love:

The Royal family

There may not be any nobility in this group but we are truly rich in our own means. 
We are twenty strong with a new addition coming in September.  
Family gatherings are anything but quiet.  
You can hear children playing, 
adults talking, 
everyone laughing, 
the clanging of dishes in the kitchen, 
birds singing, 
the wind blowing and wind chimes ringing.  
It is a happy place to be. 
When I have a choice of places to be
often I chose home.

I find my identify among these twenty.
Apart from the family I find satisfaction in the arts.
Fine Arts
Culinary Arts
Gardening Arts
Decorative Arts

You may find yourself in my blog from time to time because no matter how different we are 
there are times we are all alike.  
 I hope you do.
I welcome you.