Sunday, June 26, 2011

Wrangling Tangling Doodling

Terrie, from Creative Explorer, you inspired this post!

I think I have mentioned that it is difficult for me to sit and not be doodling on paper
so when I first ran into Zentangles I was hooked.  
After all, I had been doo-ing it for years!

First I searched everything online to find Zentangle patterns. 
Finally, I decided I needed to have some of the books in my library.  
I purchased 
Zentangle Basics, 
Totally Tangled 
Doodle Formula (Not a Zentangle book but doodling).

Of the three, I totally loved Totally Tangled.  It has a good assortment of patterns and examples of combining patterns.  
Since I teach high school students the Zentangle Basic would be a good one to keep in my school library and if Zentangle 2 and 3 are similar I will add them to my library for my students also.  

Here is my sketchbook after a day of play.
I worked with a pencil some of the time and with a fine point Sharpie.  Ignore that I wrote Zentangle Basics on the sketchbook because after one or two patterns I was into Totally Tangled and then just working from  my intuition.
Sketch book is 12" x 18" so I had lots of space to play

This morning I came back to this sketch book page using a pencil and added a string of points of a pencil as the design pulling the two squares together just for fun. 

Just pencil (5" x 5")
As my blog title suggests I have been doodling all my life so creating Zentangles is just right up my alley.
(Oh, and if you are interested in picking up on the proper lingo of Zentangle.
Zentangle is a noun so it is the design.
You create a Zentangle
but if you are creating the design you are tangling.)
It looks so complicated but it is so easy!
One stroke at a time.

Oh, and there is more...
Hers is a link to the official blog site:
Here is the link to the site where you can subscribe to the newsletters and they will send you new patterns or look through the old newsletters and see patterns they sent out previously.
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  1. Thanks Darla! I'm totally addicted to the tangling and trying to figure out how to blend it with other art forms I'm experimenting with. It's SO much fun.

    I took your advice and ordered the Totally Tangled book today - I can't wait to get it. Thanks again.

  2. this is mind boggling to me much more than

  3. Gorgeous!! Thank you for sharing :-)